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The Ballarat Cricket Association facilitates non-competitive programs, for no points nor premierships, for the U11 age group. These competitions are open to both male and female players with female players being afforded a 2 year age dispensation.

Cricket Australia, Cricket Victoria and the BCA strongly recommend all female cricketers play in female competitions foremost, with an encouragement to play in the open competitions if the desire is present to do so.

Information on the BCA's female competitions can be found HERE.

The Junior pathway is outlined below, and for the purposes of the information provided within this page, the U11 competition follows 'Junior Cricket 1' guidelines. Each club is charged with facilitating the entry level program of Junior & Master Blasters with the BCA facilitating all other competitions.

The Ballarat Cricket Association endorses Cricket Australia's Junior Formats, as outlined below: -

Junior Cricket Pathway.jpg

Competition details: -

U11 (as at September 1)


Team size:

Playing day:

Playing times:




Pitch type:

Pitch length:

Ball type:

Ball colour:

Protective equipment:


2 divisions (Seniors and Juniors)

7 per team

Wednesday afternoon

4:30pm to 6pm

20 overs per team

Batters face a maximum of 20 balls

Bowlers to bowl at least 2 overs each

Synthetic (hard wicket) or roll out Flicx pitch (on outfield)

16m stumps to stumps (4.1m shorter than full length)

Soft core 142g (Kookaburra Star)


All protective equipment required

Find your club HERE

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