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Apply for Underage Indemnity

This form applies to all players who do not attain the appropriate age level as outlined below.

RULE 1.6 Minimum age requirement – Cricket Victoria advises that players in hardball competitions shall be nine (9) years old as at 1st September in that year to be registered and participate.


Please complete the following to apply to the BCA Pennant Committee for an Underage Indemnity and understand that it will only be granted when a member of the BCA Pennant Committee has attended a training session to ascertain if the skill level of the player is of a standard which is sufficient to ensure their safety.

Details of person submitting the request:

Executive Position

Details of player the request is for:

Processing of this application will see the Parent/Guardian contacted via email to gain confirmation that they give permission for their child to participate in a hard ball competition. Arranging for a Pennant Committee member to attend a training session can only happen once confirmed so please ensure their email address is correct.

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