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We're not alone! We all know the struggles of running our club's with financial stresses up there with the worst of them. There is help available and with just a little bit of effort you can get great results for your club and further provide for the cricketing community. The following is a list of organisations to keep an eye on for available grants and support services.

SRV logo.png

State Government body, grants

funding for clubs.

Sports Central.jpg

Sports Central

Sport & Rec Victoria

Grants and services provider,

local in Ballarat.

Grants, training and services provider.

Australian Govt.

Sports Community

Grants and support services

Cricket Victoria Logo.jpg

State Sporting Organisation, grants & support for clubs.

Cricket Victoria

Not for profit support for grants, programs and funds.

Our Community

ASF logo.png

Grants and funding for clubs.


Australian Sports


Grants, funding and information for clubs.

Australian Sports


Sponsorship opportunity 

for clubs.


Budget Direct

Grants, funding and information for clubs.

Clearinghouse for


Raffle link logo.png

Online raffle fundraiser


If you have any inside info into

available fundraising avenue, 

please let us know.

Raffle Link

Do you know any?

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