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Apply for Junior Age Exemption

The Ballarat Cricket Association recognises that not all Junior players are created equal and develop both physically and emotionally at different rates. An exemption process was created to assist those young cricketers who may find it difficult to perform/contribute with allowances for those players to play below their age levels in an appropriate section. Please note, this is for kids who are not high achievers on the field and exemptions will not be granted to assist with player numbers or 'fill a team'.

Please complete the following to apply to the BCA Pennant Committee for an Age Exemption.

Details of person submitting the request:

Executive Position

Details of player the request is for:

Which competition will the player likely play?

Please provide some background into the request:
1 - Is the player more than 4 months over the age limit?
2 - How many matches did they play last season?
3 - How many runs did the player make last season?
4 - How many wickets did the player take last season?
5 - Is the player playing or expecting to play Senior cricket this season?
6 - Did the player play Senior cricket last season?
7 - Please include any other comments or relevant information to assist with the application.

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